Let's create an international network for the Myth of Malvasia

The Transnational Cooperation Plan "The Malvasia myth"

aims to highlight and exploit the cultural heritage of the most important wine in history, creating a legend about the history and culture of Malvasia not only locally, in the partner regions, but in general, in the whole network of production areas Malvasia.

The aim of the project is to 

record and collect all the local stories and myths for each Malvasia, with the ultimate goal of creating a cultural route analogous to the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe - and in particular Iter vitis, of the cultural route of vine & wine http://itervitis.eu/.

The aim is to create an international network for the Myth of Malvasia, which will support this new cultural and tourist route.

The main ambition of the project is to start the discussion and take the initiative 

The main ambition of the project is to start the discussion and take the initiative to create the application files for the inclusion of the "Roads of Malvasia" in the catalogs of the "World Cultural Routes" of UNESCO and the "Cultural Routes" of the Council of Europe. (in analogy to the UNESCO Silk Roads, UNESCO Moving (Nomadic) Livestock in the Mediterranean and Alps, UNESCO Mediterranean diet, UNESCO "Olive Roads" and CoE Cultural routes etc.

“The Malvasia myth” Transnational Cooperation Plan, documenting the stories and legends of all the regions of Malvasia, will try to build an overall myth about the history and culture of Malvasia wine, creating a new cultural brand not for wine but for its mythical route, for the different experience offered by each production area, for the cultural value of the "Malvasia Wine Road".

The ultimate goal of the plan is to highlight and disseminate the wine culture and to connect the tourist identity of the areas with their quality products, which have quality, reputation but, at the same time, have a history and culture, thus offering the production areas tools for the development of gastronomic, wine and cultural tourism, utilizing this cultural heritage of their products.

Regarding the expected results of the project, without a doubt, the project will have a positive impact and at the same time will improve the local economy in the partner areas, offering new opportunities and employment prospects.

The specific objectives of the plan are the following:

  • connection of Malvasia wine and its legend with the tourist product of the production areas and the promotion of tourism
  • awareness, training and support tools for local communities
  • research, study and documentation of the myths of Malvasia wine from all regions
  • creation of an international cultural branding for the Malvasia myth
  • stimulating the morale of local communities by connecting the region with the most important wine in history.

The proposed actions of the plan are:

Research and documentation: Research and development of bibliographic, historical and research data. The scientific documentation of the value and cultural identity of Malvasia.

Creation of the international cultural brand "Malvasia myth": Concept, history and development of cultural identity. Creation of individual elements and methodology for the acceptance of the cultural identity and the integration in products and tourist proposals of the relevant companies and regions.

Online promotion: Design of a multilingual website with elements of history and wine production, related products, tourist information for the production areas, etc. Design and implementation of an online advertising campaign, social media.

Education: Designing training seminars for entrepreneurs in Malvasia production areas.

Exchange of visits: Visits of producers and other interested parties to Malvasia production areas of the Mediterranean. Combination with related activities such as conferences, festivals and events around Malvasia and exchange of experiences.

Creation of the “Malvasia myth” Network: Development of an Action Plan and Strategy for the creation and operation of the Network.

Promotional events and festivals: Design and implement new events or enhance and upgrade existing networking events and wine, history and culture festivals of historical interest to Malvasia wine in the areas involved.

Target group 

The target group consists of local authorities, vine and wine companies, tourism companies and of course the local population.

The project aims to promote the identity of each region and its connection with the legend of Malvasia wine, offering added value to the regions. The Malvasia wine regions will benefit from promoting the wine and the myth behind it. Businesses in the tourism sector will be positively affected by the promotion of Malvasia wine. And last but not least, the people of Malvasia will benefit when they realize that their region is connected to the most important wine in history.


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