About the project

A transnational cooperation project programme that connects Greece, Italy and Croatia


“The Malvasia Myth” Project

“The Malvasia Myth” project aims at featuring and valorizing the cultural heritage of the renowned wine. It will build an overall myth about Malvasia’s history and culture. The myth of the Malvasia, based on the cultural identity, the stories and legends of all Malvasia wine-producing regions, will involve the local communities towards the creation of a network of Malvasia regions and the development of a cultural route of wine.


The partners of the project are LAGs from


The project is a transnational cooperation project implemented under the framework of LEADER / CLLD 2014-2020 programme.





Study visits 

Cultural Brand


Digital Marketing



  • Connection of Malvasia wine with the tourist product of the regions.
  • Research, study and documentation of the myths of Malvasia wine.
  • Awareness, training and support tools for local communities.
  • Creation of an international cultural branding for the Malvasian myth.
  • Stimulation of the morale of local communities by connecting the region with the renowned wine.


  • Research and documentation
  • Creation of the international cultural brand “Malvasia myth”
  • Digital marketing
  • Training seminars for entrepreneurs in Malvasia wine-producing regions
  • Study visits
  • Creation of the Malvasia myth Network
  • Promotion events and festivals